Sample Script: TMOD


This script follows the agenda laid out in Club Meeting Flow and Common Roles. You are encouraged to modify this basic script.

  1. "Rounds" are each instance when the TMOD takes the stage.

  2. Replace all items in square brackets [_] with information relevant to your meeting.

  3. Items with [x, y, z] are time suggestions depending on whether your entire meeting is 60, 90, or 120 minutes. For example, if your meeting is 90 minutes long, use the y suggestion.

  4. Be mindful of time. If the session is running late, opt to cut out sections with [x, y, z] or other optional content. The TMOD's main task is to maintain session flow.

Sample Script

Round 1

Thank you [Presiding Officer] for the introduction. [Salutation], [Club name]! It is my pleasure to serve as your Toastmaster of the day.

[If the Presiding Officer has not asked guests to introduce themselves, TMOD should do it here.]

[Short talk on the theme of the day] [2, 5, 5]

Now let me explain the agenda of today's meeting. We're following the standard agenda of a Toastmasters meeting today with 3 sections.

The first section is Prepared Speeches, where speakers deliver speeches from their Pathways projects. These speeches have set objectives and an individual evaluator. The second section is Table Topics, where a Topicsmaster gives anybody the chance to speak impromptu on a provided topic. And the last section is Evaluation, where the General Evaluator and their team provide feedback to everybody who speaks through the meeting.

Our General Evaluator today is [Introduction for the GE]. [Handover stage to the GE]

Round 2 (Prepared Speeches)

Let's dive into the Prepared Speeches section.

[Follow the steps below for each prepared speaker.]

  1. Our 1st speaker is being evaluated by [evaluator name]. I request the evaluator to set the objectives for our speaker. [Evaluator speaks]

  2. [Introduction for the speaker]. Please welcome for their speech, [name][title][pause][title][name]. [Speaker takes the stage]

  3. Thank you for your speech, [name]. Please give them a warm round of applause!

  4. [short observation about the speaker's speech] [15s, 15s, 30s]

  5. [Short anecdote about the theme] [0, 2, 2]

Round 3 (Table Topics)

That concludes the prepared speeches section! [engage or energize the section]. Now it's time for the Table Topics section! To conduct the table topics, please welcome our Topicsmaster. [introduction for the TTM] [TTM takes over the session].

Round 4 (Evaluation)

Thank you Topicsmaster and thank you all for participating in the Table Topics section!

[Anecdote on the theme] [2, 5, 5]

Now we move into the final segment of today's meeting, the evaluation section. To conduct the evaluations, please welcome back to the stage, our General Evaluator, [name]. [GE takes over the session].

Round 5 (Closing)

Depending on your club practices, this section may be conducted by either the TMOD or the Presiding Officer or both.

Thank you General Evaluator and the team for all your observations and feedback. Did you all enjoy the session? [engage the audience]

  1. [Poll the audience for best performers of the meeting, and encourage them to use ballots to provide feedback to the meeting performers.]

  2. [Ask for guest feedback and remind them to share their contact details.]

  3. [Make any announcements that the club officers may have provided.]

  4. [Ask for a group photo.]

Thank you all for attending [club name] meeting [number]. We will see you again next week in meeting [number + 1]. I declare this session closed!

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